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About Vorioal

About Vorioal

Our story began in July 2021 and our aim is simply to be your very trusted women's clothing store. Here, you can enjoy good shopping experience not only of product quality but customer support.

Quality Matters

Vorioal set out to give everyone the convenience of shopping stylish dress at an affordable price. We have strict control over the quality of the source factory.
Vorioal always strives to provide premium quality products and professional service for you as our honored customer.

Customer First

It is not new to shop dress online, but Vorioal makes us different by the customer service. We believe that only by servicing customers wholeheartedly can go further. Here are our four core principles:
1: It's the worst service to waste every penny of our customers.
2: It's the worst service to waste every minitue of our customers.
3: Every issues raised by customers must be perfectly resolved.
4: Your satisfaction is all we strive for!

Rating System

We rate each product (1-5) based on:
1. Customer Feedback - 70%
2. Factory Feedback - 15%
3. CS Team Feedback - 15%
For every products below 3 points, we will change the fabric / size or remove them from the shelves. This ensures that all products in Vorioal can better satisfy your needs from every aspect.

2022 brings many challenges and we are so lucky to have your support!
Feel free to contact us at: